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How to buy an e-ticket

How to buy an e-ticket

To pay for your e-ticket you need the on-line bank card UZKART. When the order is checked and confirmed after interchanging information with the Payment System the credit card is charged.

The e-tickets are paid for by card in the local currency of Uzbekistan - the Uzbekistani Sum.

Apart from the e-ticket fee the commission for the services of the Payment System is charged in the amount of no more than 2 per cent of the e-ticket price. The commission amount is indicated during the payment process and after your confirmation it is charged on your bank account.

You have 3 minutes to decide whether to confirm the order and to introduce the credit card information. When this time expires, your order is cancelled.

You need to introduce the following credit card information to pay for the e- ticket: credit card number, its expiry date and associated mobile phone number. After that a password is sent to the mobile phone and it should be introduced in the correspondent field of the web page.

For more information about how to use your credit card for online payment and the reasons the payment can be denied please contact the customer service of your bank.

If for some reason you don't receive the order number, e-ticket number or confirmation of the reservation, check "My reservations" section and confirm that the order really failed before realizing a new reservation.

In case of doubts about the amounts charged for the e-tickets you should call (+99871)200-82-00 and also call the bank that issued your credit card.

The security of the payment procedure is guaranted by the Secure Sockets Layer system (SSL).

The web online registration service is realized after the e-ticket is paid for and is free of charge.

You can get your e-ticket printed according to the correspondent format free of charge in the ticket offices of the Republic of Uzbekistan.